We are the solution to your most extreme logistical challenges.

WHY Farcast

Any location into same and next day delivery.

Any location into same and next day delivery. Farcast enables next-day air service for rural, remote, and previously inaccessible locations. If an airplane can legally overfly your location, it is suitable for precision airdrop services.  

No runways, no roads, bad weather. No problem.

We can help you reduce logistical costs and uncertainties in deliveries by decoupling aviation from ground transportation restraints. We can deliver even in the harshest of remote geographies.


We give air cargo the flexibility to deliver anywhere they can fly over.

Farcast airdrop systems enable up to full load air cargo deliveries direct to your warehouse or facility creating a revolutionary increase in accessibility to rapid deliveries.


Save Fuel & Time

Defense and Government Entities

Farcast is proud to be backed by the DoD

Eliminate Runway Restrictions

Freight Forwarders

Farcast helps freight forwarders in remote and hard to reach locations

Accuracy & Repeatable

Air Cargo Operators

We help air cargo operators get the package to the ground without landing the plane